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hi i'm cassie i like star trek and video games


So I made a thing

Updated guesses on who’s who on YJ invasion

A little head doodle I colored. I hate how I drew Wally and Artemis. Everyone else can stay. And I like Roy’s beard here. No one can convince me otherwise

Lian colored!

So I’ve been re watching the newest YJ episode, and I’ve been thinking.

So far, we have Superboy, match, angroy, and gaurdian as clones. Plus tumblr thoughts that the Bart who just showed up is really thad. who, if you’re not a comic book geek, is Bart’s evil clone turned good and then killed and all the soap-operay stuff that happens in the comics.

So there may be some licensing issues if season three is young justice: the clone wars

A sketch of my YJ team being bored getting briefed. From left to right, top: OC, Superboy/Chris kent, OC. Bottom: colin wilkes/abuse, Damian Wayne/robin, iris west/impulse, Lian Harper/speedy

So the entire fandom is freaking out about spitfire, and arty dying and whatnot. But doesn’t anybody remember these two?! You know, the adorable speedster and speedy? arm-less speedy?

My guess in who’s on the invasion poster

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