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hi i'm cassie i like star trek and video games


I got these beauties in the mail today, as soon as I actually get my tree up they’re going on

This has been a stephanie brown appreciation post

So I made a thing

colored sketch of Nell Colin and Damian after patrol for my 600th post

Dick also has a hideous couch in the batcave he keeps only because its been there since he was robin, and Alfred wont let him touch it for nights like these




did you mean: Damian Wayne playing dodgeball


Someone write this. 

Damian hated gym class. It was bad enought Grayson made him go to school in the first place, apparently spending the majoity of daytime hours surrounded by morons somehow made him more sociable, insted of turning him into a physcho school bomber. Which he was seriously thinking about right now. The first time they had run the mile, Damian ha the track coach on his knees begging for him to join. Ever since that little story reached Grayson, he was under orders to fake asthma, and preform right in the middle, never sticking out. But today was the very first official 3rd period gym class dodgeball tournament. Damian and a coffee colored girl named Nell seemed like the only two on the “rejects” team that could get the ball across the line. So, of course, the team made up of Damian, Nell, and a plethera of human shields were first against the team made up of the football/baseball players. don’t be special he reminded himself silently, lining up on the wall next to the girl who looked fiercely determined despite their odds. “and three, two, one GO!” coach chanted from the sides, very eager to watch the school losers get pummeled. Damian stayed in be predicting where they would throw, and moving, so nearly all his dodges looked like pure luck. Just two minutes in, Damian looked around to see that his team was down to three, him, Nell, and a tiny ginger boy who obviously was better than he looked. The balls flew past him easily, and his throws were powerful, even if they missed nearly everytime. Damian was fine just dodging, and was planning on just letting one hit him to end it, when the taughts started. The meatheads had figured out the three of them were to fast to actually hit, so they switched to verbal. “hey colin!” the fattest one yelled to the ginger. “might wanna go get lessons from those nuns you live with, they could probably throw better than that!” it was a stupid insult, obviously only designed to let the bleaches full of kids know Colin lived in an ophanage, but it was enough that colins face flushed and Damian’s pulse spiked. They turned to Nell next. “daddy still gone sweet stuff? I’ll keep you company” that was the asshat football player, the one that always had at least three girlfriends and happily announced to the school everytime he got laid. Damian didn’t see any kind of reaction from Nell though, and he nearly laughed when the bullies turned to him. He had been trained by assassins to hide top secrets while being water boarded. He could handle high school taunts. The bullies defiantly went off on him the longest, he knew the rumors about his father, Grayson kept him up to date do he knew what to expect. But obviously Colin and Nell didn’t During the stalemate, everyone but Damian had been totally focused on the teasing. Damian had managed to tune him out compleaty, so he almost didn’t dodge when a ball came flying right towards his head. But just almost. Nell and colin wern’t so lucky, colin took a ball straight to the stomach, which surprising didn’t seem to phase him. But Nell took a headshot, and fell to the ground holding a bloody nose. Damian sensed the next ball coming, he grabbed the one covered in Nell’s blood, and ran straight for it. He saw the turds face light up when it seemed the ball would hit him, but it never did. Damian jumped into the air, swinging his legs over his head and landing solidly just in front of the line. His momentum from the flip sent the rubber flying straight into the turds face with a satisfying crack. There wasn’t a sound heard throughout the gym. Even Nell was gaping with her hands over her nose. Damian gave one more menacing look to the turd with a newly broken nose, and marched out the doors. Grayson was going to kill him, but honestly, it was worth it.


No? Its just me?

i think he’s fine

Updated guesses on who’s who on YJ invasion

where Dick Damian and Tim meet a wizard guy, and the wizard shows them, like the post reboot world. so dick is looking at this best friend he grew up with and no longer exists, and Damian is just looking at Steph and Colin and wondering what it felt like to have friends like the one in this universe, and Tim is staring at his YJ/TT days, where him Connor Cassie and Bart have been best friends since forever and in his world he can barely put up with them. and then he see’s Steph, and their adorable chase scenes, and their relationship evolving over the years, and then its gone.and they watch Cass, and Babs grow up and the three of them fall in love with these people that seem so familiar, even though they’ve never met. and then the wizard guy, he gives them the option to put everything back the way its supposed to, and Damian and Tim say yes instantly, but Dick is like “what about Babs? she won’t be able to walk again, and there’s all these people that that exist here and not there-” and the wizard makes them choose and they choose the old one, and all their memories come back. and only those three know about the other reality they had lived in for so long, and they’re the only ones who can remember it. and for months all Dick does is hug everybody that didn’t exist, and one night he was with Babs, who was just humming and cooking lunch for them and he just whispers “I’m sorry” and she’s confused and she never knows why he said it. and Tim runs right to Kon, who is so different from the Superboy in his old world, and he’s like “Tim. what are you doing.” and Tim just stares at him and they hug then Cassie and Bart show up and Tim just sits there smiling. and they’re all confused. then Damian goes to Colin’s garage and looks around at all the memories in here and wonders how he could he could of ever forgotten his only real friend. and he falls asleep in the corner and when Colin comes in later that night he just sees Damian asleep in his garage in civvies and is like “Damian. why are you sleeping on the floor” and Damian wakes up and gives his first ever willing hug and Colin is just standing there confused as fuck and he takes an hour quizzing Damian on things only he would know to make sure he hasn’t been possessed or replaced. and then they go out kicking butt and Damian see’s Steph on the rooftops and she smiles at him and she looks shocked when he smirks back.

and the ending is Dick Tim and Damian sitting in Dick’s apartment, making a promise never to tell anyone else what happened.

Dick, your face

The 90’s were the best.

I’m not saying I’m a 90’s kid, I missed more than half and spent the rest pooping myself, but as far as comics all the best are from the 90’s

A sketch of my YJ team being bored getting briefed. From left to right, top: OC, Superboy/Chris kent, OC. Bottom: colin wilkes/abuse, Damian Wayne/robin, iris west/impulse, Lian Harper/speedy

Check this video out guys, it’s not getting enough love and it’s amazing

Bart Allen. Nuff’ said

My guess in who’s on the invasion poster

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