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hi i'm cassie i like star trek and video games


True Love

I met my wife when I was born. She was a month older than me, and our parents were best friends. We were best friend for nearly five years, until my parents decided to move. We said goodbye, and my five year old brain quickly forgot my childhood friend. Until, seven years later, we moved agian. I was older now, I would remember these friends I was leaving, so of course I didn’t want to move. But a week after my thirteenth birthday we were settled into our new home. 

She came over with cookies. I still remember the day, it was cloudy but not yet raining and she was gorgeous. Dark brown hair and blue eyes, the first genuine smile I had seen since I moved. It didn’t take us long to figure out we had been friends in childhood.  

When school started, she introduced me to dozens of new people, and I started to feel comfortable in this new place. Years past by and I realized I was in love. I watched her go through boyfriends, best friends and tissues while always by her side, terrified to tell her how I felt.  She had finally found a good guy, a friend of mine that I knew would treat her right and love her as much as I did. High school ended and we planned for college. Ours were less than an hour away, her planning on becoming a nurse and I planning on getting a degree in physics and going into the air force. We texted everyday and I soon learned her and her boyfriend of three years were taking a break. We made plans for me to drive out that weekend, and when it came I confessed. I told her I had loved her since I was thirteen, and that I would do anything to make her happy. For a second she seemed confused, and I thought it was over. But then she smiled, she told me she loved me too and we kissed. 

Life went on, I went back to school and so did she. We spent almost every weekend at each others houses and when junior year came we bought an apartment right in between our two schools. The half hour drive each day was annoying, but she was worth it. College ended and we moved together up to new York.  I left for basic training in Alabama and returned six weeks later to a home cooked meal, and the news that she had gotten a paying internship at the local hospital. We laughed and ate and spent the night together, until I told her my orders. I was shipping out for Vietnam In a month. A few cry sessions later we made a pact to make this month the best month ever. Every day we went a new place, exploring the city. Picnics, tours And walks filled our afternoons and weekends. I agreed to help design our tiny apartment and grinned when I caught her glancing at baby cribs. I bought a ring and proposed in the middle of central park during my last night in the states. She started crying and said yes, and promised to wait for me. 

Four months later we were video chatting and she broke the news, we were having a baby! The next five months were excruciating. And  although she promised to try and wait, the baby came a week before I got home. With the new baby and jobs and having a house, we didn’t get married for three years. Our wedding was in Hampton, a beach wedding like she had always wanted. And as I finally kissed my bride, I knew we would always be together.

Wanna hear the “tragic” plot twist? 

I’m a woman too.

today I found out one of my closest friends was homophobic. So I force fed her young avengers runaways and the new Batwoman all day. Now I’m text spamming her fanart of cute moments of every cute homosexual couple I’ve ever read or watched. Anybody got any good fanart or screenshots saved up on their computers they could send my way? No smut, cause we want to ease her in, but hugs and butt saving and flirty moments and such.

I will solve homophobia one person at a time!

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