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hi i'm cassie i like star trek and video games


I hate shows that have an ignored dark theme because you don’t know if the next episode is going to be a usual funny/cute episode or an episode of pain and backstory that leaves you in a pathetic pile of tears on the floor



Come on grab your friends!

sobs though

With the looming threat of a nuclear war, a group of scientists began work on a genetically enhanced baby that could survive the aftermath of radiation. After the first strike, the project was scrapped as the human race began dying off. One young scientist on the project, after seeing her fiancé go crazy, snuck into the lab and hid the baby in a hastily made underground bunker. He was kept in an anti-aging chamber and the scientist hoped it would break long after the war was over, she didn’t want the baby to see this.
Before she left, she put her hat over the boys head. The ends stuck up and he looked like a teddy bear, but at least he would have a peice of the woman who considered herself his mother. She left, and was killed shortly after in a bombing. Her name was Betty


TT, YJ, avatar, korra, young avengers, runaways, FMA, adventure time, any dc comics. Preferably cannon, but I’ll give most things a shot.

~young justice & YJ invasion
~legend of korra
~Danny phantom
~the avengers
~fullmetal alchemist
~teen titans
~young justice 90’s comics
~batman or teen titans comics
~static shock
~gi joe
~adventure time

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